Q: How can i upload files from Linux/Unix using terminal/cli?

curl -sS -F "files[]=@file.txt" https://sendit.nu/upload.php

Q: Above command works fine but url looks like a mess:

A: Grep url and use sed:
curl -sS -F "files[]=@*.txt" https://sendit.nu/upload.php | grep url | sed 's/\,//g' | sed 's/\\//g' | sed 's/\"//g' | sed 's/\url://g'

Q: Do you got a tool for cli / terminal usage?

Yes - Go get our cli tool for Linux / Unix here and view our demo here

Q: I have a chromebook, do you have an app for chromeos?

Yes - Download our app for ChromeOS here

Q: ..You also got an extension for Google Chrome & Opera?

We do - Download our extension for ChromeOS here

Q: Firefox?

Not yet, sorry

Q: Android / iOS?

Not yet, sorry

Check your IP without limits:

curl https://sendit.nu/i/

Tips: echo "alias myip='curl https://sendit.nu/i/'" >> ~/.bashrc